So Far Gone

One of my favorite CD’s as you might remember from a previous post is The End is Where We Begin by Thousand Foot Krutch. Even though I love the entire CD I’d have to say that one of my favorite songs is So Far Gone. It is one of the slower songs on the CD but it has a great meaning. Continue reading


Welcome to the Masquerade

Have you ever been to a masquerade? There is something intriguing about getting all dressed up and going to an event where your identity is hidden. You can almost be whoever you want to be. What I’ve never thought about before is how we all live in a masquerade. Continue reading

Evolving Sound

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I would argue that the strong belief in God is just a type of faith that is no different than any other faith.
How so?
When you have faith in anything, say a person’s research for example, you can’t be one hundred percent certain that said person recorded or experimented honestly.
So you aren’t certain that God exists?
How can I be certain that God exists if I’m not even certain that you do? Continue reading

Already Home

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What do you mean?
Well when you really love someone you do what you can to please him or her, right?
Ok I can buy that. Like how I love my parents so I try to please them.
So then, it would follow that if you really loved God, you would feel lead to want to please Him.
I guess that makes sense but I’m not always able to pleas my parents. Sometimes I’m selfish and do only what pleases myself. Continue reading

Fly on the Wall ~ Thousand Foot Krutch

Fly on the Wall ~ Thousand Foot Krutch <– Click here 🙂

First of all, I must credit my cousin for the fact that I even know this band exists. In fact, she is the one who first introduced me to Christian rock, so thanks Becca! 🙂

This whole CD is great! If you were to spend your money buying 1 full CD, I suggest that it be this one. I can’t find one song that I don’t like.

Anyway, I wasn’t really a fan of this song at first because the title reminds me of Miley Cyrus, plus I didn’t really understand the lyrics yet. Once I did, I fell in love! Continue reading