The Vinyl Countdown

Let me first start with saying I love puns and the fact that a lot of Relient K’s songs contain puns in one way or another makes me so happy. Let’s look at a song with a pun in the title, The Vinyl Countdown. This is a great title because it resembles “the final countdown” but since the song talks about the changing technology and how vinyl is becoming obsolete, it is a countdown to the end of vinyl.  Continue reading

My Misadventures: Electronics

For an eighth grade graduation gift, my parents bought me a PC. I really don’t know what kind it was, or anything about it, but just before we moved, it started to act up. I generally used my laptop on my lap on top of  my covers. I know it would get extremely hot. I don’t know if that has anything to do with the problems it started to have or not. As I would use the computer, it would randomly turn off. If I turned it back on, it would work just fine. It happened about four separate times before it died. I should have known that when I started to have problems, I should have backed up my stuff, but I’m not that smart. The hard drive crashed. I honestly don’t think that there was anything that can be done with it. It lasted a good three years. Luckily all of my pictures were saved on an external drive! Just last night, we bought me a new computer at Best Buy with gift cards we got from Furniture Row. With the cards and an open box computer, I ended up only having to pay around $300 for a MacBook Air. 🙂

I love music, but it’s hard for me to spend that much money on an iPod. I originally used my brother’s iPod nano like first gen. when he bought a first gen. iPod touch. My iPod was only an 8 gig, so when I surpassed that, I had to buy myself a new one. I bought a nano 6th gen. Eventually my brother got an iPhone, and had no use for his touch. One day, I had mine hooked up to a transmitter while in the car and had it sitting on my lap. It was right after a big snow had just melted away. When I got out of the car, it dropped onto the ground. Thanks to my luck, it landed in the only puddle around, and would not turn on. I dried it as well as I could and also left it in rice over night but it still wouldn’t start and hasn’t since. I am now using my brother’s 1st gen. touch. He has sent his phone through the wash and it still worked. Why am I not that lucky!?