This week, I’d like to take a look at the song Activate by Stellar Kart. I can’t believe that this music video is over 8 years old already but the song and the video still hold a great message. Continue reading


Open My Eyes

I remember the moment in my life when my eyes were opened to how beautiful everyone is. I was looking at someone’s face, I don’t recall who, but as I sat looking, it suddenly dawned on me, this person is beautiful but not necessarily in the traditional sense. Continue reading

Evolving Sound

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I would argue that the strong belief in God is just a type of faith that is no different than any other faith.
How so?
When you have faith in anything, say a person’s research for example, you can’t be one hundred percent certain that said person recorded or experimented honestly.
So you aren’t certain that God exists?
How can I be certain that God exists if I’m not even certain that you do? Continue reading

Change… What Do We Make of It?

For those of you who are not aware, Family Force 5 official announced that their lead singer, Solomon Olds, a.k.a Soul Glow Activatur, would be stepping down and his brother, Jacob, a.k.a Crouton, would be taking over. Crouton’s position as drummer will be filled by a gentleman named Teddy. Click HERE to read what was sent out to fans via email on September 23.

I’ve noticed that many things have been changing in the Christian music industry. Previously I wrote about the “New Hawk Nelson” and how lead singer Jason Dunn was taking on a solo career. Now Solomon. All of my favorite bands are becoming foreign to me. With the absence of Jason, Hawk Nelson radically changed and I hope that is not the case with Family Force 5. More recent change… have you heard Relient K’s newest CD The Collapsable Lung? Very different from previous, lighthearted releases, but I guess we all started to see that change in Forget and Not Slow Down. One last band to mention on the subject of change, Stellar Kart. Their change began with the release of their disney album or whatever it was… I was a little disappointed, but now, they’ve completed their transformation with a new member… and it’s a girl. Not that having a girl in a band is bad, but it will completely change their sound. I hope each of these bands pleasantly surprises me.