Feel Invincible

If you were unaware, Skillet’s new CD Unleashed is out now. I saw this music video on one of those vote for the best band websites and I really liked it so I bought the entire CD. I haven’t listened to all of the songs yet but I wanted to share this song with you. Continue reading



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You are okay with not understanding everything?
While I would love to completely understand God, I accept that not everything is for me to know.
I just want that control, you know. But, I guess, when trusting God, you have to give up your sense of control.
That is spot on. God wants every part of our lives. Control is not easy to give up but, trust me, when you do give it all to God, things become a lot easier! Continue reading


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Ok, I can see both of those as well. I still don’t think I’ll ever comprehend why everything can’t just be perfect like it was supposed to be before Adam and Eve sinned. Speaking of them, why did God even create them if He really does know all and knew that they would sin? Or why did he create the tree at all, or why didn’t He keep the devil from tempting Eve?Did he make these things happen the way they did and if so, why? Continue reading