Graduation Woes

I graduate in just a little over two short weeks and that is scary. Continue reading


Life Update

Last week I fully intended on posting but it completely slipped my mind. Last week was very crazy. I had to drive to Champaign for two day training for my internship and that was exciting. I also needed to prepare to go back to school this week. Continue reading

My Misadventures: The Wrong Book

This semester is already beating me up. School only started Monday and I’ve already experienced a hiccup. Monday classes went fine. I even learned that my last class is a hybrid class and only meets Wednesdays instead of both Monday and Wednesday. After class, I had to work until 9pm so I didn’t have any time to purchase books before the bookstore closed (I wait to buy my books after the first day to make sure the professor actually requires the text book). But that should not have been a problem because those classes that I had Monday, I wouldn’t have again until Wednesday. Continue reading

My Misadventures: Work, School, and 24 Hours

Let me start by saying that I’m terribly sorry for missing last week’s post. It’s not that I forgot but life got in the way. Last week was a terrible week for me. It all started Friday May 8th. After her shift on Friday, a technician quit her job without giving her 2 week’s notice. She just called and said that she wasn’t coming back.  Continue reading