Arise My Love

This is what Easter is all about!!

Arise My Love <—- Amazing song!

The Tribulation

*This is exactly how I typed and submitted it on FB on March 21, 2011. The only changes are those of formatting*

If you are reading this note, God has some things to tell you. Read this note now and then put it in a safe place for later when the end of the world is near. Please note that this guide is written for an older You. A You that has seen signs of the end.

-Brittney Grafelman

If people around you have suddenly vanished you must accept Jesus into your heart. It is not too late. Do it now! You never know how long you have to live. It could be years, or merely seconds.

Do not mourn for those that are gone. No, they are in Heaven with their Savior Jesus Christ. For the Bible says that one day all Christians will be raptured or taken to live with Jesus. If it has happened and you want to know what is next for you, read the other sheet labeled The Tribulation or, better yet, you could read the last book of the Bible titled Revelations.

There are different interpretations of when the rapture will happen. Some say that it will be before the tribulation, some say it will be during, even others say that it will be after. If people have not disappeared, but you have seen the sign that is next mentioned, the end of the world is near!

The tribulation starts when the antichrist signs a seven year contract with Israel. Look for this. Be aware because from this moment on you only have seven years to decide for Christ. During these seven years, He will be trying to get your attention. He will do this by sending world-wide earthquakes, turning the moon red, and many more things. (See The Tribulation paper for more information) After these seven years, Jesus will come back on the clouds to set up his 1,000 year reign on Earth.

Jesus loves you and wishes that none would perish. He weeps at the fact that you do not have a relationship with Him. He does not want to be separated from you forever, and neither do I. Please, read the paper labeled The Prayer. It will lead you through how to accept Christ as your Savior and tell you what to do next.

You may be laughing at me right now, but this is serious! Please do not take this lightly. I had to write this letter because I want you to be prepared when things start to happen. “Jesus loves you this I know, for the Bible tells me so. Little ones to Him belong. They are weak but He is strong. Yes Jesus loves you. Yes Jesus loves you. Yes Jesus loves you. The Bible tells me so.”



The Tribulation

There are a total of 21 judgments described in chapters 6-18 of Revelations. They are divided into three sets of seven. The three groups are the Seal Judgments, The Trumpet Judgments and the Bowl Judgments. The Seal and Trumpet judgments will come during the first three and a half years of the tribulation while the Bowl judgments come during the second three and a half years of the tribulation.

The Seal Judgments (Described in Revelation 6:1-17 and 8:1-6)

FIRST SEAL- The period of false peace (Rev. 6:1-2)

SECOND SEAL- War (verses 3-4)

THIRD SEAL- Famine (verses 5-6)

FOURTH SEAL- Death (verses 7-8)

FIFTH SEAL- Believers are martyred or killed for their beliefs (verses 9-11)

SIXTH SEAL- World-wide earthquake and falling stars (verses 12-17)

SEVENTH SEAL- When this seal is opened, trumpet judgments begin (Rev 8:1-6)

The Trumpet Judgments (Described in Revelation 8:7- 9:21)

FIRST TRUMPET- Hail fire and blood (Rev. 8:7)

SECOND TRUMPET- A burning mountain is cast into the sea (verses 8-9)

THIRD TRUMPET- An asteroid hit’s the Earth (verses 10-11)

FOURTH TRUMPET- One third of the sun moon and stars are darkened (verse 12)

FIFTH TRUMPET- Demons upon the earth and no death is granted (Rev. 9:1-12)

SIXTH TRUMPET- Horsemen that kill with fire are let loose (verses 12-21)

SEVENTH TRUMPET- The Bowl Judgments begin

The Bowl Judgments (Revelation Chapter 16)

FIRST BOWL- Loathsome sores (verse 2)

SECOND BOWL- The sea turns to blood (verses 3)

THIRD BOWL- Fresh water is turned to blood (verses 4-7)

FOURTH BOWL- Men are scorched (verses 8-9)

FIFTH BOWL- Darkness and pain (verses 10-11)

SIXTH BOWL- The Euphrates river is dried up (verse 12)

SEVENTH BOWL- Another great earthquake and hail (verses 17-21)

The Prayer

If you are ready to accept Jesus Christ as your Savior and friend, it is very simple. All that you have to do is your ABCs. Accept Jesus as your Savior. You can do this by saying a simple prayer. Just tell Him that you believe He died on the cross for your sins then Confess to Him. Tell Him that you understand that you are a sinner in need of forgiveness.

By simply doing this out loud or in your head, you are now a child of God. I welcome you to the family! I will see you one day in Heaven! If you have just dedicated your life to Him, know that every angel in Heaven is rejoicing.

Are you wondering what to do next. Nothing is required. That is what is so amazing! God is holding a gift out to you and all you have to do is take it.

There are some things that you can do, but know that your deeds do not get you into Heaven. It is only by accepting the gift of forgiveness that you are saved. This is because God is perfect and He can not be around anything that is not. That is why He sent His Son to Earth to die for you. YES! HE DIED FOR YOU!

Anyway, back to what you can do. I believe that the purpose of life is to evangelize. This simply means that you should spread the word about the gift you have been given. I read this great allegory (a work in which everything stands for something else) once it went like this:

Not sharing your faith is like finding a group of people lost in a cave. They are dead. The reason that they died is because they could not find their way out of the cave. Then you found out that your friend had a backpack. In this bag, they had a flashlight.

Faith is the flashlight in this story. Your friend did not share his faith or flashlight with the others, so they all suffered.

Another thing that you can do is study His word. Grab a Bible and read. Start anywhere. It is all from God. The Old Testament is set before Jesus came and sacrificed His life on the cross. The New Testament is set during and after Jesus’ birth. Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John are called the four gospels and are a good place to start. My favorite books are Romans and Revelations.

One final thing you can do is pray. Do not worry about what to say. He knows everything that happens in your life. He also wants to be your friend, so talk to Him as you would a friend. Tell Him what you are thankful for, what you need to work on, and what you would like help doing. You must know that you can do nothing on your own. Everything that is good that comes out of your life is from God.