My Christmas and Rants About Santa

My family never writes lists of what we want. We like the surprise of what we give and get. This year I gave my mom a wind chime. She collects Christian themed chimes. For my brother, I got a gift box of hot sauces. He eats hot sauce on eggs, spaghetti and other strange things. For my dad I got a light that is on a retractable extension cord. He has one already but it doesn’t work any more. This one is LED. 

I got some great gifts this year. From my Grandma, I got a laptop case. It is a Vera Bradley style case. From my parents I got a pillow and rug that match my room. I also got a cling to put on the front of my laptop. It’s super cool! I got a scrapper for my car windows but it’s unique because it comes out of a glove. I like that because my hands always freeze when I try to scrape off my windows. I got a giant cork board, new shoes, a pull out mirror, a nightlight for my bathroom, 2 awesome shirts, and some curtains for my room. I am super happy with everything!! 

Christmas is not all about the gifts though and I am sure you probably know that. Continue reading