Back in November I analyzed Proof of Your Love by For King & Country because it reminded me of as Bible verse. The band is back at the forefront of my mind lately because they were at WinterJam and they were¬†my boyfriend’s favorite. I wanted to take a look at another of their songs and as I sat listening to some of their songs, trying to pick one out, I realized that they are really a great band with a bunch of great songs. Not only that, their music videos are great as well. Let’s look at one of their newer songs, Shoulders. Continue reading


Chem 6A

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So far I have asked you very few questions. I think it’s time the tables turn and I question you. What do you believe?
Well I believe that faith is foolish, as we have discussed previously. I believe in science and proof. If you could prove to me, beyond a doubt, that God does exist, I would believe but, as of yet, no one has been able to show me that proof.
Lets talk about faith again for a second. You think that all faith is foolish correct? Continue reading