My Misadventures: Work, School, and 24 Hours

Let me start by saying that I’m terribly sorry for missing last week’s post. It’s not that I forgot but life got in the way. Last week was a terrible week for me. It all started Friday May 8th. After her shift on Friday, a technician quit her job without giving her 2 week’s notice. She just called and said that she wasn’t coming back.  Continue reading


My Misadventures: College

I realized that my story last week was more of a story of thanksgiving than one of my misadventures so let me get to the misadventures. I will return to my normal content next year, I promise!

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My Misadventures: Moving

I’m sorry that I won’t be able to deliver my regular content this week. I just moved and don’t have Internet so I’m writing this from my phone and it’s not exactly easy to format on the mobile app. I could probably do It but why don’t I take this time to tell you about my misadventures of moving.

I moved to Normal on Friday. I’ll be attending Illinois State next month. I was so blessed to find the apartment I did! When I was signing up for classes, there was a girl who sat in on my session to observe. When the topic of housing was brought up, she piped up and said she was looking for a subleaser. I had no idea what that meant but took her number and said I’d let her know if I was interested. It was an event totally orchestrated by God because a little while later I called her and set up a time to see it. My mom went with me. My mom is a picky lady but when she saw the apartment she instantly made up her mind as did I. The girl I’m subleasing from even gave me a deal because she regally needed a subleaser.

There is so much more to my story but I’ll have to save that for another day. Have a Merry Christmas! Hope you’re able to spend this time with your family.