Mighty Healer

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No it isn’t, you don’t physically feel God.
Oh I was unaware that you know what I do and don’t feel, that is pretty awesome!
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You could say that I’ve experienced many miracles in my life. Tons of smaller ones like when I pray for some pain to go away, and He heals me. That actually occurs pretty often. Another smallish one that happened the other day was so awesome! First, I have a horrible memory. I was at work and had pulled up a lady’s profile on the computer. Somehow, it got deleted, and I was asked if I remembered the name. That is seriously impossible considering I had worked with at least 10 other names since then. I would never remember. I sent up a prayer begging for help, and guess what! About 5 minutes later, God told me her name. Oh my gosh! That would never have happened without God! I profusely thanked Him over and over. He is so amazing!!

A larger miracle that happened to me just last year was getting a job. That doesn’t sound like a miracle? Well it was because I wasn’t really looking too hard for one. I put my application in at two places that weren’t hiring at the moment, but they said they would give me a call when they were. One of the places that I applied to was GameStop. Everyone would like a job there, and since they weren’t hiring, I doubted I’d get the job. About one week after I applied, the manager gave me a call and asked if I would still like to work there. I said yes, and he told me that it was only seasonal. I was fine with that, so I went in for my interview. You may think that I am a good speaker because I am decent at writing. You’d be wrong. When I’m put on the spot, I fidget, and, sometimes, I can’t express things the way I intend. But by the Grace of God, I did excellent. He gave me the right answers and helped me to speak eloquently. Turns out that I got my first job at GameStop. Lots of people at my school were jealous because of the discount that I got there.

In February, GameStop laid me off. It was, after all, only a seasonal job. They told me that I was definitely rehirable. So I left on a good note there, but I was left without a job. At the time, my mom was looking for a job as well. She saw, in passing, that CVS was hiring, and that you could apply online. She told me about it, and suggested that I apply as well. I did, and I got a call to set up an interview. My mom never did. Again, God helped me speak fluently and I was, again, picked for the job despite me being a minor and unable to sell alcohol. They also over-hired.

Another thing that God has blessed me with all my life is my knowledge. Somehow, even though my memory is terrible, I never have to study for tests. That is such a blessing. The day of the test, I go into the classroom and get some last-minute cramming in, then take the test. More often than not, I ace it. I see people struggling and saying that they have to spend hours studying just to get a B. Another thing I do that these people generally don’t do, though, is intently listen in class. I think that helps a lot as well.

Even though my life is filled with lots of hard stuff, God does bless me. When He does, He pulls out all the stops!