I know that friendship is a huge theme in my blogs but I really think that it’s an interesting concept and it quite frequently occupies my thoughts. One reason that I think that it may occupy my thoughts a lot is because I am constantly worried about if I am being a good friend/if someone even wants me as a friend and I’ve come to realize that, sometimes, my worries are valid. I am often not a good friend and, in the past, I’ve tried to befriend people who want nothing to do with being good friends with me.  Continue reading


No Man is an Island

Today in my political philosophy class my professor was defining politics in a way not usually used. She defined politics as the way that humans interact with one another in the world that we share. At one point she mentioned “no man is an island.” This instantly had me singing No Man is an Island by Tenth Avenue North. So when thinking about writing this blog, I had that song stuck in my head. I think it is worth taking a look at. Continue reading