I just found out today that we will have to put my dog Toby down. Continue reading


Some Pictures: My Puppies

These are my babies. Nelson is the black one and Toby is the whitsh-tan one.

My Misadventures: Mackeen

I was super excited. My parents finally said that I could purchase my first dog. Now don’t misunderstand. We had a family dog, but I wanted my OWN.

My grandma had just purchased a Miniature Schnauzer, and I fell in love. We searched the internet and found a Scottie, Schnauzer mix. He was down near St. Louis, a couple hours drive, and $500. Money was not a problem since I had been saving my money for something as special as this for a long time.

I already had a name picked out for him. My favorite singer was TobyMac, and our other dog’s name was Toby. TobyMac’s real last name is Mackeen, so I thought it would be cute to name my dog Mackeen, Mac for short.

One day, I think it was a weekend, my dad and I drove to go get him. When we got there, Mac wasn’t looking too well. He was very lethargic. The lady said that he was feeling under the weather, which she couldn’t have told us before we drove down. She fed him some liquid sugar and said he would perk up in a bit. Sadly, that did not happen. He would just lay there. Finally she said we didn’t have to take him home that day and could wait to see if he would get better, but I wouldn’t have it. I wanted my dog NOW. What I found a little odd at the time was she gave us a ten-day money back guarantee. If he didn’t live ten days, she would refund me.

We loaded him up in the car, and prepared for the long ride home. He puked several times on the ride.

When we got home, it was late. My other dog immediately knew something was wrong and stayed away from the pup. I stayed up with him as much as I could and helplessly watched him puke. I couldn’t do a thing about it though. At the time I was not old enough to drive. All I could do was ask my mom if we could take him to the vet. She said no because no one was open at that time except for the pet hospital a half hour away. They would be expensive as well. She said that if he wasn’t feeling better by morning, we’d take him.

Late that night, after I had gone to bed, I was woken by my mom yelling. She was upset because she was having to clean up after all of his puking.

The next morning, we took him to the local vet bright and early. I had to leave him there as they checked him out.

I remember laying in my mom’s bed, watching tv, when my dad came in to tell me that Mac had died. I was devastated! My first dog hadn’t even lasted a day.

After I finished bawling my eyes out, we went to retrieve his body. We buried him in the back yard in a little hole with his favorite blanket that we couldn’t keep because of what he had.

He had Parvo. It’s pretty much like dysentery. Your body loses all its liquids and you die of dehydration. It’s only a puppy disease, and puppies are even vaccinated for it.

When I had finally calmed down, I wanted answers. My dad said that the vet had told him that they had never lost a puppy to Parvo before. Also that Mac couldn’t have only contracted it a day ago. They said that they can normally save pups with it, but that Mac was too far gone. Why the lady didn’t tell us is still a mystery. Obviously she wasn’t trying to cheat us because I got all of my money back, but it would have been nice to know so I wouldn’t have had to get so attached.

God is good, though. I wanted to try again, so we looked for another dog. We found one, a black and silver Miniature Schnauzer, and made sure it was a respectable breeder.

I had to pick out a name for him. My mom suggested that we use the same one but I wouldn’t have it. I thought it would be too weird. I thought and thought. Finally I decided that he looked like an old man, with his silver beard and all, and he needed an old man’s name. I thought of bands I liked and came up with Hawk Nelson. I thought Nelson was the perfect old man name. Nelson Hawk Grafelman. God has really blessed me because Nelson has been a GREAT dog. He is so loyal and loving and, above all, cute. I love him so much!