My Religion ~ Skillet

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I am so excited that we get to participate in Halloween this year. Last year, we lived on a busy street and no one ever came to our house. Now we live in a neighborhood with little kids so we are bound to get some trick-or-treaters. I just thought I’d take some time to tell you what Halloween means to me as a Christian, what it may mean to others, and a few funny Halloween stories.

Halloween to me is almost not even a holiday. Generally, with holidays, you are celebrating something. What are we celebrating here? Fear? Candy? Pranks? I don’t know. All I know is that I love to give gifts, so this “holiday” is great for me. I get to dress up, if desired, and hand out sugar-filled candy to small children, although, sometimes, they are not so small or children. I don’t view it as a satanistic holiday at all. I think it’s just a day to dress up and eat candy. Hollidays are what you make them to be. If you make them satanistic then they are, but if you don’t, they aren’t. Look at Christmas. Many people who aren’t Christians celebrate the holiday. They simply make it all about Santa (Mix the letters to spell satan(don’t get me started about santa!)) and presents, so why can’t we, as Christians, make Halloween all about having fun and eating candy?

I’ve heard that October 31 was believed to be a day when spirits walked the earth. To blend in, humans would dress in costume. I guess that is the reason that we dress up on Halloween. Not because we believe spirits are walking the earth, though I believe they always are, but because it is tradition. And like traditions, reasoning behind the tradition often doesn’t get passed along with said tradition.

One year for Halloween, my cousin and I bought prom dresses from Debs for under a dollar, and wore those. We also stuffed men’s clothing on a broom and made them our dates. 🙂 It was fun. Another thing that happened that has to do with Halloween follows; It was late one night at CVS and I was busy vacuuming in the card isle. I turned off the vacuum and loudly asked my co-worker, “who buys Halloween cards anyway?” During my question, a lady walks by. I finished my comment anyway because I knew she had heard all of it. Later, when I went to check her out, I asked her if she bought Halloween cards. She said she did, but I thought she was joking. After a few seconds she added, “but only for kids.” Oh my gosh! Did I feel like a jerk after that. I was practically making fun of something she did to her face. I was embarrassed. Probably more so than her. Sometimes I just need to “keep quiet, quiet, don’t let it all come undone. ‘Cause if I tear open my mouth it will just be to bite my tongue.” ~ Sang by Relient K