Ghostride The Whip ~ Family Force 5

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My Misadventures: Car Trouble

I have the worst car troubles in the world! (Okay, maybe¬†not that bad)¬†My car is a 1997 Grand Prix. It looks to be a high-end car for its time. It has leather seats, a heated driver’s seat, a sunroof, and the Heads Up Display (HUD). HUD is where your speed is digitally projected onto your windshield. It is so cool, and, I think, a safety feature.

When we bought my car, we knew it had problems. We got it for $750, so it definitely had problems. The power steering was out and the air conditioning was broken just to name a few. We were pretty sure we could fix it though because my dad is a mechanic.

The power steering and air are now fixed, but I continue to have problems. My headlights used to be automatic, but, as of late, they aren’t. If I want them on, I must manually turn them on. That leads to me forgetting they are on and killing my battery making my dad have to come and give me a jumpstart. Another, more dangerous, problem is that my engine just decides to just stop running. It has happened three times to me already. Twice in an intersection, and once on the highway. If I turn the car off, then on, it starts to work again, but it freaks me out! Normally, people can jump in their car and expect it to start. Not me. One time, I was on schedule to get to work when I got in my car and it wouldn’t start. No one was home, so I had to ride my bike to work. It’s only about a mile, but that was one of the 100 degree days, plus, I hadn’t ridden my bike in forever and the tires were flat and it had cobwebs all over it. I thought I was going to pass out by the time I got to work, luckily I was only 7 minutes late to work. Two days ago, I was driving and it sounded like a door wasn’t shut all the way. I looked back and saw my window as cracked. I called my dad and asked if he left the window down and he said no and that the motor had fallen of or something like that. So now if it falls down, I just walk over and push the window up with my hands.¬†And most recently,¬†my car seems possessed :). I came out of work the other day, and my automatic unlocker wasn’t working. I unlocked the door with my key and got in.¬†When I tried to start it,¬†it wouldn’t. I made sure that I hadn’t left any lights on, and I hadn’t. My dad came and gave me a jumpstart and¬†we drove home. When we got there, I turned the¬†key off, and the air was¬†still running. I even took the key out and it kept going. My dad had to¬†take out a fuse just to get it to stop. Now I have no air again. It is so strange!¬†I guess that’s really about all. It’s not so bad when I see it on paper, but in real life, when something new happens every day, it is exhausting.