Bite My Tongue

I’m sure we have all had times when we are really itching to say something to someone but we know that the best thing is to not say anything at all. I know I’ve had several moments like this. It has been my personal goal to monitor the things I say before I say them. Sometimes it is just best to bite my tongueContinue reading


What’s the deal with dandruff?

So last semester I encountered bullying, and it was all over dandruff. Just a few days ago more people were talking about the stuff. This girl said something like, “It’s so gross. I just want to tell people to just wash their hair.” Continue reading


I wanted to wait until everything blew over before I posted anything because I didn’t want to stoke the fire, but it’s all over now so here’s an interesting story for you.

It was the Thursday before Thanksgiving and the last hour of the day, PE. Our teacher was gone and we had a sub. He took attendance and then told us to change. When I’m in the locker room, I just listen in on random conversations. I didn’t have to listen too hard to hear a girl we’ll call Riley saying how she was going to ditch. How she knew how to get out of the school undetected. She was practically shouting it. Continue reading

P.E. Is the Death of Me

I seriously think that P.E., as in Physical Education, should be illegal. Ok, I admit, that is a bit extreme, but it is seriously torture. In Illinois, and other states, it is illegal to go to school and not take a P.E. class. The only legal way to escape it is to play a sport. Even if you have an injury, you must still participate.

First, in my opinion, it is impossible to get a good workout in 25ish minutes. Right when you are about to get into burning some serious calories, and you have to go back in and change. (Not that I really care that much)

Second, P.E. is a breeding ground for bullying. If you’re as popular as me, which isn’t too popular, you aren’t likely to have any friends in your P.E. class. At least that is how it is in my school. When you aren’t hanging out talking with anyone, that automatically makes you an outcast. Then, to make it worse, when you play games, no one ever passes the ball to you, or when you run, you have to be alone while everyone else is chatting it up. When no one passes the ball to you, you don’t feel like participating, then you fail the class.

Last, I am able to run, but it is really painful. If you aren’t aware, I have an undiagnosed pain disorder. Some say Fibromyalgia, others say Myofascial Pain Syndrome. Anyway, we run every other day, and to get out of it you have to have a doctor’s note. I do have a doctor’s note that says I can only do activities to my ability, but I hate to be dishonest and I hate to be viewed by other’s as a slacker, so I try my hardest. The next day I always regret it though. I also feel bad for those students who’s doctor won’t write them a medical note, or they aren’t physically fit enough to get a good grade on the mile runs. That’s right, everyone has the same grading scale. Granted, the girls’ and the boys’ scales are different, but not everyone is a star athlete.

P.E. makes me feel like such a loser, and that’s why it shouldn’t be illegal not to take a P.E. class or participate in a sport.

How My Life Forever Changed

*This was posted on my FB on May 8, 2008. The names are changed and spelling corrected*

Ever since I was little, my parents had taught me to love Jesus. I did and went to church just like everyone else, but I was not living the way Jesus would want. I knew we should live for Jesus but I guess I didn’t understand what that ment. I lived like everyone else. I never cussed, tried not to lie, prayed, and obeyed, that is how I thought you lived for God.
When I was in fifth grade, we decided we wanted to move for the second time. We found a cute house. I was so excited to go to a new school! Although we had lived in two houses before, we had never changed schools before. I could start over fresh and make better friends, maybe even be popular!
The first day of school finally came and boy was I happy! I went through the motions following a girl we’ll call Winnie, who had moved in a couple of days before me, so she knew the routine. The second day, and I was ready to make an impression, but I noticed that a lot of the kids at this school were a lot shorter than those at my old school. The third day came and it was miserable! A girl named “Georgina” spread a horrible rumor around the school about me. Georgina isn’t popular, and talks to herself a lot. She was talking to herself about how she thinks I stuff my bra. Some big mouth over heard and then it was “front page” news. I cried and cried. I was embarrassed that I was crying and that someone could actually think I stuffed my bra. At this time a couple of boys named “John”, “Karson”, and “Reggie”, were in the process of coming up with a name for me. They picked a horrible one!
“Hey Sasquatch!” That was the name. Later by “Wilson” and “Robbie” I was called a man. This, also, mad me sob! I had such high hopes for moving to a new school and they were all crushed. Every where I looked, people were whispering behind my back. I felt as though everyone was against me. At this time I didn’t know what to do so I turned to God. That was the best choice of my life!
The next day Georgina apologized and my friends helped to build me up. God gave me this feeling inside. It was weird! While I was in the car one time after this incident, I remember my friends making fun of this guy’s nose that was walking into the gas station. I told them not to and that it was mean and I knew how it felt. That was the start of a revelation in my life!
From then on, I tried to live my life, the real way, for God. I believe God had me move to Washington to draw me closer to him! What will you do for God? Would you give your life? If it came down to it I hope I would!