How in the World

I just want to wish an amazing guy a happy 21st birthday! How in the World did I find someone like you? Continue reading

This Is My Year

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Yes, that is actually pretty great.
So, I’m still not seeing the bad part. Continue reading

A Great Golden Birthday

Okay, so my 18th birthday was yesterday, as was my dad’s 45th. I was his present 🙂 It was pretty awesome! I had told my mom earlier that I had always dreamed of getting a car on my golden birthday (That was this year). They searched and searched but were not able to find anything and told me so.

Mom supposedly took dad for breakfast. I took a nap and when she got home, dad wasn’t with her. She said that his mom’s furnace was having problems and he went over there to help her fix it.

My mom planned a birthday party for me. It wasn’t a surprise or anything, but it was nice to not have to stress over anything! She invited family and told me to say something about it on Facebook to see if any of my friends wanted to come. Some wanted to, but only one could make it. We had an awesome sandwich tray.

Most people got there around the time we said it would start and then, I see some people walking down the street towards our house. It was my cousin! I haven’t seen her since Christmas last year!! As children, we were best friends 😦 But now she’s all grown up and I hardly see her anymore. It was a great surprise that she came, and I am sooo happy that she did!! Continue reading