Dance the Night Away

I’m not sure about you but in my life there have been so many times that I feel as though I don’t fit in, that I don’t have life together, and that I don’t know what I am doing in life. The speaker in Dance the Night Away by Attaboy can relate to the way that I (and possibly you) feel. Continue reading

Not About Me

What makes you stand out? What makes you different from everyone else around you? Is it the way that you look, the way you talk, the way that you treat others? While each of us is very unique, and each of us has a story, if someone were to describe you what would they say? Continue reading

Attaboy is Being Remade

The first time that I ever heard about Attaboy I was at Miracle Camp, a summer camp in Michigan. Every year they would have a band play and Attaboy was this years band. They only had 3 songs recorded thus far on a CD they called Broken Hearts and Body Parts which I just found out is sold on iTunes. I thought maybe it didn’t exist any more. Continue reading