Animal Crossing New Leaf

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I really love Animal Crossing. As a kid, I enjoyed watching people play video games rather than playing them. One day, I was at my cousin’s house and spied him playing an interesting looking game. I sat and watched him walk around town, talk to villagers, fish and shop. I was hooked. The reason I didn’t like to play games was because they were too hard for me but this game looked like something I could play. Needless to say, I was watching him play Animal Crossing on the Game Cube.Years passed and I heard nothing more about Animal Crossing. Actually, I even forgot about it.

Sometime after June 11, 2006 I bought the DS Lite, and while in GameStop one day, I spotted Animal Crossing Wild World. I recalled the time I watched my cousin play and bought the game without any further thought. I had so much fun that I got my friend to buy a DS and Animal Crossing so that way we could play together. We played countless hours, visiting one another’s town and giving each other presents.

I bought one of those DS Action Replay cartridges (a cheat device) and plugged in my Animal Crossing. Instantly I had unlimited bells (Animal Crossing currency) and my entire furniture catalog was filled. There was no mystery left in the game and I quickly got bored. Lesson learned, cheating is no fun.

Later I bought a DSi and continued to play games like Pokemon… mainly Pokemon and some Harvest Moon, also introduced to me by the same cousin.

When I saw Animal Crossing New Leaf was coming out for the 3DS, I knew I had to buy a 3DS. That and the fact that if I wanted to play any of the new Pokemon, Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, or any other new game, I would have to get one. I broke down and got a Midnight Purple one. I preordered Animal Crossing New Leaf and waited for it’s release. Since that day, I have played every single day. My goal is to get my town filled with all dog villagers. Dogs are the bomb!! 😛