Last Day of Classes

Tomorrow is my last day of regular class possibly for the rest of my life.  Continue reading


My Blessing Part 1

You may or may not know this about me but I am extremely anxious and it has only gotten worse the past few years. Things set me off that really shouldn’t like thinking that other people are mad at me, when my plans don’t go like I want them to, and when other people are upset are just a few of the things that give me anxiety along with the even dumber trigger, bones. For the past several months, I’ve been having varying severities of anxiety attacks around once a week. Last Wednesday, my Dr. wrote me a letter and it has been a blessing. Continue reading

Winding Down

I hardly know what day it is in the summer and I apologize for being missing the past few weeks. Things have finally begun to slow down for me. It turns out that I am able to take 5 classes over the summer. Take that all the people who doubted me. I got through four of them already and am almost half way through the fifth. I made it out of the first four with three A’s and one B. I’ve had the teacher that I am taking my fifth class with before and so I know I can get an A in his class. I sure did prove you all wrong, all you people who didn’t believe in me. Keep on not believing because that pushes me harder.

In other news, I am going on my first vacation this weekend since I moved out. It should be interesting. I say that it should be interesting because we are going to be outside for the majority of the time and it is supposed to be hot out and I’ve already gotten burnt once this year.

Anyway, I am sorry again for not posting for two weeks and I am sorry that this post is short. Just wanted to give an update and tell all the people who doubted me that they were wrong.

More about Motivation (or Rather the Lack of it)

I must really have motivation on my mind lately. Forgetting what I wrote about last week I opened up WordPress and intended to write about motivation when I noticed I wrote about that last week. I’m gonna do it anyway, maybe someone needs it (I do!).

I’ve been down lately, I feel like every day is the same but I couldn’t quite put exactly into words what I’ve been feeling but I just figured it out. I want to have reason to get out of bed tomorrow. I mean, yes, I’ve got to get out of bed because work and school don’t give me a day off but what I mean is that I want a reason to be excited for a new day. Some people look forward to a vacation in the near future, others the weekend but I feel as though I have nothing to look forward to. I’m probably not looking at things correctly, maybe my eyes are closed, but that’s how I’m feeling at the moment. Hopefully things will change but I’m wondering, what gets you excited to get out of bed in the morning?


The past two weeks have been a roller coaster! Last week I thought I was making an offer on a house and this week I am no longer in the market for a house. The summer semester has started and life is just beating me up. I guess this would be a good time to talk about what motivates me when life beats me up.

From a young age I was told I couldn’t do things for one reason or another. You can’t be a singer because there is not a good chance that you’ll make it, you can’t have an opinion on this because you’re too young, you can’t be my friend because you’re not cool enough. More recently it’s been you can’t buy a house because you’re too young, you can’t take 5 Summer classes at once because it’ll be too much at once, you can’t work here because you don’t have enough experience. Well these kinds of things are exactly what motivates me to achieve these goals. My life mission (besides being the nicest person I can possibly be of course) is to prove the world wrong. To show everyone that I matter as much as I think I do (not a whole lot but more than the world thinks I do).

I am currently on a mission to prove all of the people who told me I couldn’t take 5 classes successfully over the summer (I am currently ¼ of the way through and I have As and Bs in all my classes). I’m also out to prove that I can afford a house. It may be a little tight for a bit but I’ve thought this though and I know I can do it!

A public service announcement, stop telling me what I can’t do because I’ll do whatever it takes to prove you wrong! In general we all need to believe in people more so we don’t discourage them from doing great things!