Let’s Talk About Weed and Poverty

I know that I haven’t posted a song analysis in several weeks but a lot of stuff has been on my mind and I just want to vent. Just yesterday my boyfriend and I had a long discussion about weed and poverty. They may not seem extremely connected but they are connected in a way that makes me angry. Continue reading


Excuses and Expectations

I’m sorry I was not able to get a blog up last week. I was called in to work last Tuesday after I had spent all day at school even though I had to be at work early the next day. So I did not have time to write last week. Speaking of work and me giving excuses lets talk about excuses. My boss absolutely loathes excuses but I actually don’t know why they are so bad. Continue reading

Pride and Service

If you’re familiar with my blog, you’ll know that I am very passionate about a couple of topics. This past weekend at church, the service was all about one of the topics I’m extremely passionate about, service. So I thought I’d take the blog this week and tell you what the pastor told us because I think that the service is something that we all need to hear even if you’re not a Christian nor believe in God. Continue reading

Broken Together

I can’t say that I’m a marriage expert because, well… I’ve never been married. From the limited amount that I do know about marriage, I can tell you, it’s not easy. I think that many people today, thanks to many reasons, go into marriage thinking it is going to be perfect and end up backing out of it because it just is never perfect. Continue reading

Let it be Love

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Yes, I can do all of these things but maybe my mind is making this all up. Maybe I am the only thing that really exists. Maybe I’m in a coma and my brain is making this all up. Or maybe I don’t even exist like I appear here. I may just be a brain in a vat. This brain that is me is fabricating all of my surroundings, including you and how my body appears here. There is really no way to prove I exist as I believe I do but that doesn’t stop me from believing that I , in fact, do exist. It’s the same way with God, I can’t prove that He does exist but that doesn’t keep me from believing, wholeheartedly that He is my savior.
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Reflecting on the Devastation of 11/17/13

If you are still unaware, I live in Washington, IL. Unless you have been living underground for the past month, you know that my town was hit hard by a tornado on November 17. Our neighborhood escaped damage thankfully.

I am truly thankful that our house was not damaged but it’s impossible for me not to think about what it would have been like had our house been blown away. I came to the conclusion, a few weeks after the tornado, that I would be ok. I would be ok if everything I had was ripped away from me in seconds. You are probably thinking, that’s easy for you to say seeing as how you still have all of your stuff. I see where you are coming from and I will concede that there are two things, outside of my mom, dad and brother, that I would be devastated to lose. That would be my dogs Toby and Nelson. I’m sure that many people lost their pets and that breaks my heart because I would be absolutely devastated. I’m not sure that they can quite be classified as possessions. I am their owner but they are living, breathing things. That aside, I could live without all of my inanimate possessions in my life. You still probably think that I’m a hypocrite and that I wouldn’t be saying this had I been affected by the tornado, but I have honestly given this some great thought.

There are people out there who lost everything and are ok. A person that I went to grade school with lost everything but what he said inspires me. He was in one of my classes that I just finished at ICC and he told the class that they were just things. It is inconvenient he said, but it’s just stuff. I totally agree with him. He went on to say how sad he was for people the people whose lives were all about the stuff they owned. He was sad for those who lost everything and there life was only worth the stuff they had. I had thought about how I would feel before this person stated his view but my view is exactly in line with his. 

From a few different people, I’ve heard the same reason why, in their opinions, the tornado happened. First, my dad told me of his friend, then my brother of his. Both of their friends thought that God was punishing Illinois with tornados because we legalized gay marriage. Now, in Illinois, gay marriage was actually legalized on November 20. That is 3 days after the tornado. Hmm, so gay marriage couldn’t be the reason behind the tornados… or could it.  God does know the future so that could be one possible explanation. Second explanation could be that laws aren’t just created and passed in one day so maybe He saw it was in process and tried to warn Illinois. Now, I’m not saying that I support this idea, nor am I saying I am against it, I’m just exploring possibilities.

Lots of people only view God as loving but they are leaving out all the other adjectives used to describe God. One of them being, just. God is just. I am reading a book called The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn. It is about… here, let me just write what is on the back of the book: Before its end as a nation, there appeared in ancient Israel a series of specific omens and signs warning of destruction-these same Nine Harbingers are now manifesting in America with profound ramifications for America’s future and end-time prophecy. That’s part of the description. It is all based on a few verses in the Book of Isaiah. I like the book but that’s beside the point. In the book it talks about how God gave Israel 9 warnings before the total destruction of the nation. I’m not saying that these tornados have to do with the end-times but this book has revealed to me that God does punish. He punished Israel from turning away from Him so who is to say he can’t punish or warn Illinois for legalizing something he is against just like he did to Israel. Again, I want to stress that I am neither for or against this notion but that I am unsure and just exploring options but, for clarification, I am against Gay rights. I practice tolerance as in, people can do what they want, I still love them, but if they ask for my opinion, I will tell them that I am against it. I just don’t know if that is why the tornados happened or not.

A quick thing on tolerance… The world preaches tolerance but few are truly tolerant. Tolerant is defined as: showing willingness to allow the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with (that is right out of the New Oxford American Dictionary). I believe I am pretty tolerant but there are many out there who, when I tell them I believe differently than they do, they cut me down. They are always right, or so they think, just as they are entitled. We all need to learn how to agree to disagree.