My Misadventures: The Wrong Book

This semester is already beating me up. School only started Monday and I’ve already experienced a hiccup. Monday classes went fine. I even learned that my last class is a hybrid class and only meets Wednesdays instead of both Monday and Wednesday. After class, I had to work until 9pm so I didn’t have any time to purchase books before the bookstore closed (I wait to buy my books after the first day to make sure the professor actually requires the text book). But that should not have been a problem because those classes that I had Monday, I wouldn’t have again until Wednesday. Continue reading


Chem 6A

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So far I have asked you very few questions. I think it’s time the tables turn and I question you. What do you believe?
Well I believe that faith is foolish, as we have discussed previously. I believe in science and proof. If you could prove to me, beyond a doubt, that God does exist, I would believe but, as of yet, no one has been able to show me that proof.
Lets talk about faith again for a second. You think that all faith is foolish correct? Continue reading