About Me

I know I’ve already written some things about me in my last post but I thought I’d make an individual post that goes into more detail.

I was born on November 18,1994, the same day as my dad. I attend public High School and am an honor student. Infact, I was inducted into the National Honor Society at the end of last year.

When I get to know people I first like to know their favorites so I’ll start there. My favorite color is blue at the moment, but it changes frequently. I really like dogs. I have two. Toby is a Carrin Terrier and Poodle mix. He is tan and 8 years old. Nelson is a black and silver Minature Schnauzer. He is 3 years old. He is near to my heart because I bought him with my own money and pay to keep his shots up-to-date. He is my baby. My favorite music is Christian rock. Bands like Hawk Nelson (where Nelson gets his name), TobyMac (where Toby gets his name), Relient K, Family Force 5, Thousand Foot Krutch, and Stellar Kart. The list goes on. Music has always played an important role in my life. My iPod is currently filled with 1,181 Christian songs with five more just waiting to be put on. When I buy music, I generally like to buy the physical album. I’ve collected around 50 CDs.

The year I turned nine years old, I was diagnosed with depression. I am not crazy though or suicidal. Never have been, never will. My mother, some of her sisters, and one of my cousins were diagnosed with a thyroid deficiency. I have nearly every symptom and have been tested numerous times, but they have found nothing. My mom was tested for seven years before she was ever diagnosed. I guess that it is hard to diagnose because your thyroid fluctuates daily. You have to be tested on a day you feel your worst but by the time you feel your worst, doctors offices can’t get you in.

I am a strong Christian like I said in the last post. I love God and am not afraid to share my beliefs with anyone who WANTS to listen. I don’t like to force stuff down people’s throats. You only make enemies that way. Although I am a Christian I am not perfect nor do I have it all together. I won’t act like I do. My life is a mess but I give it all to God and my burdens are lightened.

(For just starting, I have lots on my brain). I saw the Hunger Games in theatres and just bought it on DVD. It was one of the movies that actually followed the books decently. I think Josh Hutcherson is cute. I’ve had a crush on him since I saw him in Zuthura.

I really enjoy reading. I’ve read all of the Left Behind series, both adult version and kids version. Right now I am heavily into Ted Dekker. The first book I read by him was House. That was really good! Then I read the Circle Series, the Paradise Series, and the Lost Books series. I’m not sure where I’ll go next. Another book I really liked was Matched by Allie Clondie. It was similar to the Hunger Games. I’m into Sci-Fi, but not aliens or outter space (except I am Number Four which was amazing). I like stories in dystopias. The City of Ember and such.

Although I’m into Hunger Games, I am not a follower. I read the book before it became a giant. I was actually hesitant about it because it was well liked. When the Twilight books and even movies came out, I never followed along. I still haven’t read or seen them. Nor have I read or watched Harry Potter. I prefer to set trends instead of following them.

My views about gay stuff is a bit different than what you might imagine a Christian having. I don’t mind hanging around gay people, although hanging around gay girls does creep me out a bit. I say to each his own. I don’t believe that it is right but why go around hating eachother. As long as we don’t go around doing PDA I’m fine. I don’t believe in PDA anyway. I do believe that if your gay, why make such a big deal of it? Straight people don’t make a big scene of being straight.

My mom enjoys moving, we’ve done it four times now. We are currently in a new house where we are all camped out on the diningroom floor from the lack of carpet. That will change tomorrow though and I can’t wait to get into my room.


What do you think?

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