His Viewpoint Part 2

Sitting here today watching Brittney nap and thinking back on our lives I can not help but think of all the times she asks me why I look at her the way I do. She laughs and smiles and tells me that I need to say something. Well today is the day that I tell her in a more public fashion exactly why I look at her the way I do without saying a word,

Many times I find myself thinking about our lives together and how the happiness inside my heart will never be able to reach a new height. Looking into my wife eyes gives me this warm feeling of knowing that I was the lucky man who was able to take this almost perfect person as my wife, I see her and I see my future, I see the wonderful life that the two of us will have together, because together we have the most fun. I see her face and think beauty and brains, I think to myself that nothing that I can give to her will amount to how much joy I get just by looking over and being able to see a smile on the face of the person my heart beats for.

I see her and I am overwhelmed by this feeling of comfort and happiness, knowing that everyday and every night, I get to wake up and fall asleep next to the person that my heart and mind claims to be the best person in the world. I look upon her face, down her cheeks and over to her mouth with anticipation. Anticipation towards seeing that smile that melts my heart every time. That smile to shines through all of my fear, anger, and anxiety. The smile that reminds me that my life is amazing and that I could not receive a better gift than that smile.

She asks me all the time why I look at her the way I do. She wonders why I look but do not talk. She smiles, laughs and looks away with that cute expression on her face but I never truly get to answer her. I look at her because sometimes I do not believe that a person like this can be with a person like me. I do not talk because her face takes my breath away and leaves me speechless. In trying to come up with a response I say something silly to get a laugh, but in all honesty, I make her laugh because I want to see that perfect smile that takes the words out of my mouth, breath out of my lungs, and fills my heart with hope and faith for the future. I am sorry that I look and make you feel awkward, but I can not help it. In simple terms, I am addicted to you Brittney and I will never give this addiction up.