My Misadventures: A Cold in the Summer

My co-worker was sick. She said that it came on suddenly; she was fine one minute, and the next, she had a sore throat. Sunday the 8th, the same happened to me.

It was probably around 5pm and my throat started to hurt all of the sudden. I knew right away that I had whatever my co-worker had. A lot of times, when I’m sick, my ears get stuffed up. This time was no different. My ears stuffed up so bad that it was and still is hard to hear.

Monday I felt miserable. I ended up going home half way through the day to try to get some rest. Cody was home and we started a movie but I fell asleep not very far into it.

The Wednesday after I got sick was terrible. I had to teach a balance class at work and I had no voice. I made it through with much difficulty. Then that night I had severe ear pain. Though my ears usually get stuffed up, they don’t usually hurt. It was 7pm and I wanted to go to the doctor but, I thought that all of the urgent cares around were already closed. Luckily my dad was able to locate one that was still open for another hour. I threw on clothes (I was already in my PJs) and raced there. I was feeling so miserable with a sore throat, cough, no voice, and ear pain.

I know that I was visibly shaken but the lady at the front desk was so kind and calming. She checked me in and got me all ready to be seen by the doctor. After getting my vitals taken and my throat swabbed for strep, the doctor came in to see me. At this time my pain was in my left ear primarily. He told me I didn’t have strep and he looked in both my ears. He looked in the right and acted like he didn’t see anything. At this point, I was worried. I hate going to the Dr. I hate it because I always feel like my sickness is all in my head and the doctor is just going to tell me to go home and that nothing is wrong with me. This wouldn’t be so bad if going to the doctor wasn’t expensive. This would be my first visit that I’d be paying for myself and the stakes were high.

When he looked in my left ear, he did mention he saw some swelling and redness. I was relieved, at least it was something diagnosable. He gave me oral antibiotics and a pain medicine and diagnosed me with a left middle ear infection.

The pharmacy I used to work at was just down the street and was still open for another hour. I could tell that they were extremely busy so I told them that I just wanted the antibiotic since the pain medication was a narcotic and typically takes an hour to fill. They placed the pain medication on hold for me in case I wanted it and I’m glad that they did.

Thursday was just as crummy and Thursday night I had excruciating ear pain in my right ear. I didn’t really think anything of it as the pain had transferred ears a couple of times. I quickly got that pain medication filled and took it right away. I am so glad that I was prescribed that medication otherwise I don’t think I would’ve been able to sleep that night.

Luckily Friday passed without anything big. I didn’t feel good by any means but I didn’t have to run out to the doctor or the pharmacy.

Saturday morning, I woke up with wetness and crust on/in my right ear. I called the urgent care back and asked if this was a reason for me to come back in. The doctor said that I should head back in. I did and this time I was diagnosed with an outer ear infection (swimmer’s ear) in my right ear. I’m not sure how that happened since I haven’t been swimming at all this year. She gave me ear drops and sent me off to the pharmacy. I went to get this prescription filled and it was over $100 with insurance so I went back to the doctor’s office and asked for a different prescription. This new one only cost $5 luckily.

When I got home, my  mom was there. She said she wanted to be my visiting angel. She had already pulled most of the weeds in my front landscaping. It was so great to have her there!

I rested all weekend but didn’t get much extra sleeping in due to the fact that, for some reason, I couldn’t sleep more than my regular amount of sleep. My body just didn’t want extra sleep even though I know it needed it.

As of today, I’m feeling pretty good. I still have a cough that sounds like a seal and I can hardly hear out of my right ear but my energy is returning and I’m feeling better overall. I hope I continue to improve because it’s been over a week and I’m ready to be better!


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