Proposal (His Story)

Alright, so now it’s my time to tell the story about how plans changed, sisters were blamed, and a dog pooped on our happy day.

To begin, I had to go rushing out to buy the engagement ring one day while Brittney was at her job. I told her that my sister in Peoria needed help with moving some of her furniture and I was that only one avaliable to go and help. What started off as me thinking would take a few hours turned into an all day thing, because Katie (my sister) wanted to look at almost every single ring even though I knew which ones would be okay for Brittney. After almost two hours we finally got to a ring that had some unique rings in it, and almost immediately after sitting down I noticed out of the corner of my eye, a ring so beautiful and unique I could only think of it as the one for my future wife. After I noticed the ring all other rings seemed to be mediocer to me and I just tuned most of them out. It took about another half hour before Katie noticed me starring at the ring for us to even pull it out of the case. As soon as it was in my hand I could only think about how this ring was going to be the one for my amazing girlfriend. However, Katie being the thinker she is, wanted to go to another store and make sure that the ring was the one for Brittney. After another thirty minutes of driving we made it to another ring shop where I walked around for about seven minutes just to make Katie happy. Then we went straight back to the first store and I told the man who was helping us that the ring I saw, was the one befitting my girlfriend. Shorty after purchasing the ring and getting in my car to go home I called Brittney to ask how she was doing, and that I was on my way home. After a long conversation about how my sister was not being grateful for my help by offering dinner or money, I hung up and started to laugh because I knew that soon Brittney was going to feel awful about what she had said about Katie. While driving home I called both of her parents to inform them about my purchase and to ask their blessings. Soon after getting home Brittney was still upset at my sister and I just had to act like she had every right to be mad because Brittney, being the smart person she is, would suspect something if I didn’t play along with her.

The next “make Brittney mad” episode happened the Friday before the proposal. Before work that day I decided to place the ring in my coat pocket while Brittney was away at work again. I did this because the place where I hid the ring was in an old laptop box and during this time every little thing that I did she was questioning and being suspicious of my actions. So, I thought what better way to hide the ring than put it in my pocket and take it to work. Unfortunately for me, it always seems when I think I have a good plan to surprise Brittney, a sensor in her brain goes off and she has to try and ruin it. While at work I was called outside to grab carts and bring them in, and to my surprise, there was Brittney walking up to me while her ring was in my pocket. In order to not have any plans ruined I decided to act mad at work and be stand-offish so that she would hopefully leave quicker than normal. I knew that I was going to get a talking to later but, I was on a mission to surprise her and I was not about to fail. To make things worse for myself I decided that giving her a hug would ruin things, because she would feel the ring box in my pocket and start to question things. So, on a day where I though I was making a good decision, it turns out Brittney likes to subconsciously ruin surprises and make things worse.

On the day of the proposal I had been talking to my friend who was going to take pictures of us, and told her to tell me when she was all ready. To stall for time I started to do dishes and let her sit and watch some t.v. I told her that we should go on a walk past the house again because I wanted to get one more look at it before we started moving into it. While doing dishes my friend Meghann told me that she was ready to go so at the drop of a hat (or dish in this case) I said lets get going. But Brittney being Brittney, had to question why we are leaving all of a sudden and made me finish a few more dishes before she was okay with leaving. After we got to the park by the house we got out and I started talking about how we met and all the things that we have gone through in life together. When we got to the house I saw Meghann in her car ready and waiting for my signal to have her take pictures. We got to the house, stopped and talked about it for a second. Just when I thought it was the perfect time to asked, I reached into my pocket and tried to grab the ring, but fate decided that our dog needed to poop right then and there, so I quickly whipped my arm around Brittney and tried to play it off. She thought I was being weird by standing and watching our dog poop, but I had no other option at the time. So when the dog finally finished his business Brittney tried to walk away but I grabbed her arm, signaled Meghann and got down on one knee. Brittney was shocked until I pulled out the ring box from my pocket, then the tears started rolling and she asked if I was serious (lol no I just love being on one knee on a sidewalk holding a ring box). After I got the ring out I said “Brittney Elaine Grafelman, you mean the world to me and I can’t imagine a another day without you being my fiancĂ©.” Then I opened the box and showed her the ring, she seemed flustered so I asked her if she remembered the hand the ring goes on so she could refocus on the moment. After giving nelson to Meghann to watch I placed the ring on her finger and our lives together finally started. We sat down afterwards and we talked about how Katie was in on it and the day at work was so she wouldn’t notice the ring in my pocket. So, there is my side of the story and how a suspicious girlfriend (now finance), a day with my sister, and a pooping dog ended up being one of the happiest moments of my life.


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