Proposal (Her Story)

Divorce, purchasing a house, moving, getting engaged, planning a wedding, a lot has happened since I last wrote. Each of the things I’d like to talk more in detail about here in the future but today, what is on my mind is my wedding but before I can tell you about that, you need some background information; the proposal. 

Cody proposed to me on March 19, just five days before we were set to close on our house. He says that he planned to do it on the day that we moved in but I ruined that. I ruined it because I kept telling him what a great idea it would be to propose on that day. He said that the amount that I talked about that suggested I wouldn’t be surprised if it had happened on that day so he did it early.

Some months before proposing and some months after his older sister moved into her new house, Cody went to visit her on a day that I either worked only part of the day or didn’t work at all. He told me that she needed help moving her furniture around. I texted him throughout his time there asking him about what he was doing and how it was going. His answers were very vague. Like when I asked him what she needed moved and to where as she had only recently moved in but it was long enough ago that she should have everything settled. He told me she wanted a couch moved from the basement to up stairs and the one up stairs moved to the basement. The amount of time he was gone, though, was longer than it would’ve taken to do what he said so I kept pushing and I only got vague answers. It was near dinner time when he finished up and he called me while he was on his way home. I asked him if she offered him money or dinner for being there all day and helping out and he said she did not. I was very upset. I wouldn’t have wanted Cody to take money from her but the offer of money or dinner would have been a nice way to thank him for helping her all day.

The Friday before his proposal, I visited him at work. When I got there he had his winter jacket on (it was cold) and was collecting carts to take back inside. I went to talk with him while he worked and he seemed uncharacteristically distant and stand-offish. I cut the visit short and left upset after he wouldn’t hug me goodbye.

By Saturday I had gotten over what had happened Friday and come Sunday we were both off work. We had discussed earlier walking by the house and scouting out the neighborhood. I thought this was a bit odd since we had just done this not too long ago but I went with it because I was super excited about the house. He was cleaning some dishes when all of the sudden he stopped and said, “lets go.” It was so sudden and he hadn’t finished all the dishes so I gave him a hard time and made him finish one side of the sink. He grabbed his winter coat. On the way to the car I asked him why he was wearing his winter jacket when it was nice out and he just said something about it being windy earlier in the day.

We drove to the park that is really close to the house and parked there planning to walk to the house from there as we had done before. We brought the dog because, why not? As we approached the house, the dog was acting strangely, as though he had to poop. Sometimes I’m bad and forget to bring dog bags. I rushed him along so he could poop in the yard of the house that we were buying (no one had lived there for some time) because as I understand it, it is distasteful, if not unlawful to not pick up after your dog. So I thought that we could at least pick it up when we moved in. I was nervous though because I observed a lady sitting in a white car right across from the house and I hated to have her see the dog poop. So Nelson starts doing his duty and I’m trying to shield the lady from seeing him do so. During this, Cody is digging in his coat pocket. At the time I thought he was simply reaching for a pretend bag or one I didn’t know he had. I was about to turn around to continue our walk and he grabs me by the shoulder and we stare at the dog finishing up. I said something like, “why are we doting on the dog pooping?”

Once the dog finished up, several things happened all at the same time and I don’t remember exactly what sequence I realized everything in. Cody got on one knee and asked me to marry him, the lady in the car got out and started taking pictures, I started to cry, Cody removed my sunglasses, I said something, probably, “are you serious?” but I also said, “yes.” The dog was buys looking at something and pulling on the leash as I tried to put the ring on and Cody asked me if I remembered which had the ring goes on, not because he didn’t but because I was fumbling around. I told him that I did but I was having trouble with the dog and with getting my promise ring off the finger that the new ring needed to be on. It wasn’t until later that I actually got to inspect the ring and realized how beautiful it was and how great of a job that he did.

After the proposal we sat and talked for a bit about what all had just happened and his friend who had photographed the entire thing took a few more pictures. He didn’t have the money on him so we took her to the ATM to pay her for doing that then she came over to hang out for a bit so the two of them could catch up as they hadn’t seen one another in quite some time. After she left we decided to inform our families. I first called both my parents but neither answered so I called my brother who did. He didn’t believe me and kept saying things like, “sure” and “ok.” When I finally got ahold of my dad, he was at the gym, he didn’t believe me either. Once I finally put Cody on the phone and Cody told him, he believed. Cody had told them he was doing it on the day we moved in and they thought I was just trying to get them to spill the beans. I found out that my brother had called my dad before I did and told him my scheme (despite me not having one). I told my mom and she believed me because I had Cody tell her but she was having a difficult day for reasons I’ll explain in later posts. Cody called his family and they were all happy for us.

I don’t recall what we did for supper or what we did the rest of the night but I do know we just spent the night together. I was so happy and still am. Cody is my best friend and I’m so happy I get to spend the rest of my life with him!

I am also happy to announce that I’ve gotten Cody to agree to write next week and tell you his side of the story about how these events went down. I’ve intentionally kept what he has told me about how things went for him out of my story so that you could hear it from him. Some things about my story may seem random but they’ll all make sense once you hear his story next week. Have a great week and it’s nice talking to you again!


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