The end of last year and the beginning of this have been a whirlwind.

At the end of last year, I graduated and began searching for a job. One week, I had 4 interviews. It was so crazy! I was feeling down because I didn’t have a job already lined up out of college and I was not getting any call backs on my interviews. Tuesday the 27th of December, I had an interview with Heartland Bank in Eureka. As I was driving home, I was on the phone with someone when I got a call from an unknown number. The caller left a message that I checked when I got home. It was my third interview calling back to offer me a job. I excitedly called back and accepted the offer and offered to start working the next day, Wednesday.

The first few days, I didn’t really know what was going on but it felt good to be working again. It’s a 8-5, Monday through Friday kind of job and I liked that too.┬áThat next Monday was a holiday observing New Years. I went home to do laundry and visit and on my way back, I got into a car accident. A car pulled out in front of me on a hilly country road. I hit their car right in the drivers side but both the couple and I were ok. I was able to slam on my breaks and slow down quite a bit before hitting them. Their door was super dented but my car escaped with minor damage; just a few cracks in some plastic and a small dent in my hood. My car was not quite paid off yet so I was told that I had to get it repaired even though I didn’t care about the damage. My brother was kind enough to loan me the money to pay off my car so that I could keep the insurance money to put towards a downpayment on a house. It amounted to be more money than I had thought it would be so it was a huge help!

During all of this, I realized, working 8-5 means that most places are closed by the time you get off which is a drag. I just finally got all of the calls that I needed to make done. It was just overwhelming, starting a new job, the new year, and getting in that accident ruled my life for several days but things are finally calming down. Being super organized really helps and having people around to help me out when I need it is also a blessing! I’m loving my job and I’m starting to feel more confident in the things I have to do. Life is really moving forward for me and I’m finally feeling all grown up haha.


What do you think?

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