Life Update

Last week I fully intended on posting but it completely slipped my mind. Last week was very crazy. I had to drive to Champaign for two day training for my internship and that was exciting. I also needed to prepare to go back to school this week.

Since the training was two days they paid for me to stay in a hotel room nearby. I was supposed to have a roommate but she decided to drive back home so I got a really nice room all to myself which was good because I was worried about being able to sleep with someone else there. I was worried about this because I can be a very light sleeper and I need my sleep. Speaking of sleep, I was so nervous the night before I needed to be in Champaign that I only got 3 hours of sleep. I really need 8 to properly function so I drank some caffeinated coffee (I don’t drink caffeine). I made it to training on time but I felt like I was going to throw up the entire day and it was miserable. Luckily I slept well that night and the next day was way better.

Now I’m back to school. I’ve only had one day so far since I only go Tuesdays and Thursdays but so far, so good. This semester will be tough because I am taking 18 hours. 12 of those hours are 300 level courses and 3 of those hours are for my internship. I was lucky enough to get a paid internship so I that I didn’t have to do 18 hours plus work.

There has been so much going on lately and a lot of stress but through it all, God has helped me find a way through the stress and is even mixing in some great days with the busyness. I was able to go camping last weekend, get a massage last week, and was invited to go to the Dells. God is really working things out in my favor and I really can’t say how appreciative I am for that.


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