My Misadventures: The Wrong Book

This semester is already beating me up. School only started Monday and I’ve already experienced a hiccup. Monday classes went fine. I even learned that my last class is a hybrid class and only meets Wednesdays instead of both Monday and Wednesday. After class, I had to work until 9pm so I didn’t have any time to purchase books before the bookstore closed (I wait to buy my books after the first day to make sure the professor actually requires the text book). But that should not have been a problem because those classes that I had Monday, I wouldn’t have again until Wednesday.

Tuesday after classes I went to buy my text books for all of my classes. After purchasing them I went to the grocery store and spent a couple hours there. Once I got home and unloaded all of the groceries it was time to begin my homework. I got out my syllabus to check that I had gotten the correct book for my management class. I had to check before I opened it because once the wrapping is off this specific book, it cannot be returned. Comparing the book that I had to the syllabus made me realize I had bought the incorrect book. By this time, the bookstore had been closed for several hours and this homework was do at 9:35, my first class of the day. The professor stressed in his class that he did not accept late work so I knew that he was not going to take my assignment late.

I was extraordinarily lucky though. The bookstore opened at 8 so I was able to go and get my book exchanged and still had enough time to get the assignment done. If this is how my entire semester is going to go, I am not looking forward to it!


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