My Misadventures: Work, School, and 24 Hours

Let me start by saying that I’m terribly sorry for missing last week’s post. It’s not that I forgot but life got in the way. Last week was a terrible week for me. It all started Friday May 8th. After her shift on Friday, a technician quit her job without giving her 2 week’s notice. She just called and said that she wasn’t coming back. 

She was scheduled to work that Saturday and because I was scheduled to work on Mother’s Day (despite it supposedly being my weekend off) I was planning on going home to see my mom Saturday. Well since the technician quit, I was asked to work Saturday. If you don’t already know, I have a hard time saying no when I know that it will inconvenience a lot of people. I told the pharmacist that I had plans and asked if she could find someone else. She checked and everyone else had either asked off or were already at 40 hours so I gave in. So I had to work on what was supposed to be my weekend off but it was ok because I knew I was getting the next weekend off because I was going to my friend’s wedding.

Monday the 11th comes around. This was the first day of my 3 week summer class. I got up, got all ready and headed out to class on a rainy morning. I get to the classroom specified on my computer and as the professor begins to talk I begin to think that I’m not in the correct class. He takes roll and my name is not called. I’m stressed but I manage to make it though the entire 2 hours of class. I talked to the professor after class and show him the email I got from the professor that was supposed to be teaching my class and how my computer told me that the room I was in was the room I was supposed to be in. This professor didn’t know what was going on either so I went back to my apartment and emailed the professor of the class I was actually supposed to be taking. He emailed back pretty much saying he didn’t know how I got the wrong information when everyone else had gotten it right. Here is the thing though, I even called the school to make sure I had the correct information several days before going to class because the system was acting a little weird. I did everything in my power to get the correct information and I still got it wrong. I then read the syllabus of the class I was supposed to be taking and I realized that I failed the first assignment and missed out on 50 participation points out of 600. With the combination of these two things I decided it would be too difficult to get the grade I wanted in the class so I dropped it the next day (Tuesday) with a full refund and nothing on my record thank goodness. That night though, before I knew if I could drop the class with a refund I had my worst anxiety attack to date. Lately I’ve been super stressed and have been having anxiety issues but this was terrible. I’m just glad I got my money back!

Only one day after that, Tuesday night, I got a text message from the company that I rent from while I was at work. A little backstory first, the company that I rent from was supposed to text me when my next apartment was ready so that way I could move in. They would give me 24 hours to move out of my old apartment into my new one. The reason I wasn’t able to stay where I was is because the apartment that I subleased was already signed for before I ever got in there, so I was just moving down a floor and across the hall. Anyway, when I got the text it was 6:30 and I was scheduled to work until 9. I called my mom and told her that I got the text and she wasn’t sure if she was going to come that night or not. I called the rental company and asked what time they were open until so I could start moving that night and they were only open until 8 and wouldn’t open until 9 the next morning. That meant that i was only going to have 9 hours to move. This wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t require you to almost professionally clean your old apartment before inspection or have to pay hefty fines (one technician who rented with them was charged $1,200 after her inspection). Luckily the pharmacist let me out early and my mom decided to come and help.

We got the keys and had to start cleaning the new place before I moved my stuff. Supposedly we shouldn’t have to clean if the people who just moved out had cleaned as well as they should have. We got the kitchen done then mom had to go home to sleep. I stayed up and did the living room and started moving stuff in there. The next day I was supposed to work 11-7 filling in for the girl who quit (it was supposed to be my day off). I called in the morning and asked if I could come in a bit late and I was allowed to arrive at 1. This gave me time to move most of the rest of the stuff from my old apartment to my new one while my mom continued to clean the new one. She was super upset because the cleaning wasn’t done as well as we would have to do in my old apartment so she called the company and they came out and did a lot of stuff for us. They even helped us move my bed because my dad wasn’t going to be able to get off in time to help move it and she and I couldn’t do it ourselves. Finally I went to work and I was also able to get off early to be there for the move-out inspection. My mom is such an immaculate cleaner that we didn’t have any fines, yay!!

I still don’t have everything put away in my new apartment yet but it’s all here. So that is why I was unable to write last week. I had planned to write it Tuesday night after I had gotten home from work but… that didn’t exactly work out. This week has been a better one for me thankfully. My friend’s wedding was fun and life is getting back to a more relaxed pace. I do plan to analyze another song next week but this post is already pretty long so all you get this week is an installment of My Misadventures. Hope you have a great week!


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