Everything Matters

Have you ever wondered what would’ve happened if you hadn’t said or done that one thing? I know that is something I quite frequently think about. What if I hadn’t said that mean thing, what if I had been just a little bit nicer? I’ve learned that every single thing that we do makes a difference.

Everything Matters by Attaboy is a great song that reminds us just how important every single thing that we do is. I like the mental picture that the first line in the song paints. “Every little thing we do today sends out eternal echoes.” It reminds me of a pebble dropped in a pond. One little action sends out a ripple of affects. By just being friendly, you can change someone’s day. Like someone close to me likes to say,”live each day to make someone smile.” This can really change a person’s life.

I’ve been thinking about how others affect our lives. Just last Sunday I realized the role that others can have in my life. A gentleman came into CVS to drop off a prescription. I was knee deep in entering another prescription in and when I saw this guy walk towards the counter I told him that I would be right with him. He walked off without ever officially stepping up to the counter so I thought maybe he wasn’t actually needing my help and had just paused to collect his thoughts in front of my station. Another customer arrived at the register moments later so I stopped what I was doing to go and ring up this customer. At this point, we weren’t too terribly busy. Right as I am about to ask the customer at the register how I could help him, the other gentleman that I had told I’d be right with him over at the drop off counter said, “Aren’t you going to help me?” He was very loud and rude. I wanted to tell him that I’d be right with him but he just kept on talking. I had said that I was going to help him before I had stepped over to help the gentleman at the register so I decided I ought to go and help the rude guy out but he wouldn’t even let me talk.

Luckily, after stepping away from the customer at the register, my coworker took over ringing up that customer. The rude drop-off guy just kept yelling at me even though I was trying to help him. He went on about how he was disabled and that he couldn’t stand up forever. I think he was referencing to when I told him that I would be right with him. If he would have stood up at the counter for 5 seconds I would have been with him but he had decided to walk away to presumably sit down. He yelled at me and asked me, “Don’t you serve disabled people?” and “Want me to go get a walker?” As he was yelling at me the pharmacist walked up behind me prepared to tell him to leave the pharmacy because he was being verbally abusive. I was trying to tell him that what he should have done was told me that he was disabled when he approached the counter the first time and that he would be sitting down and that I should call him when I was ready. I would have told him that I could’ve helped him that instant but he wouldn’t let me speak at all and stormed out saying he was never coming back. It’s a little embarrassing to admit but I had to take a moment to go back to the back corner of the pharmacy and cry a little bit after he left.

After I had collected myself and some time had passed that shift manager of the front store came back. I knew that the guy had complained and that the manager was coming back to let us know and to find out what went on. I told him the story and he was understanding and decided to go take a look at the cameras. When he returned he asked if we had rang up a magazine for the guy and we hadn’t. Here is what actually happened. The guy stepped near the counter and once I had said I’d be right with him, he decided to go pick out a magazine, not sit down like he was making out he did. He came back to be helped right as I was helping the guy at the register. In all reality this guy forfeited his spot in line to go get merchandise. Then, after storming away from he pharmacy, he took his cart with a magazine to the front to complain and walked out of the store with the magazine. He told the manager that he was never coming back when I was there…

That guy ruined my day. We do have nice customers though. The other day another of my coworkers was being yelled at by a customer at drive-thru. Another customer at the registers inside overheard her being yelled at and returned with roses. That gesture brought my coworker to tears even though she isn’t the crying type.

Working at CVS has taught me a great many things about how to treat people. Do you treat people like the guy at drop-off treated me or are you the lady with the roses?

“I want to live like everything matters. I want to love like people last forever. Every word we speak, every breath we breath, everything matters.”


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