My Misadventures: College

I realized that my story last week was more of a story of thanksgiving than one of my misadventures so let me get to the misadventures. I will return to my normal content next year, I promise!

Let me go back to the beginning. I hated high school, I found it really boring so I made the decision to graduate midterm. That was one of the greatest decisions I ever made but I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life so I decided to take all of my prerequisites at a community college. Another very smart choice. After finishing up my two year degree in one and a half, I was a year ahead with no goals in mind. I took a semester off to just work but that didn’t go as planned because CVS didn’t really have the hours available that I wanted. I hated working nights and weekends and now that I was out of school I wanted to work days. I did get a bunch more hours but none that I really wanted.

Fast forward a few months. My friend notified me that she was going to be going to ISU and told me that I should come too. I still didn’t know what I wanted to do so I kind of just forgot about it. She was accepted for the spring but wasn’t going to attend until next fall because she was hoping to get an internship with Disney. Later, when that fell through, she told me that she was going to be attending ISU in the spring. She said I should still try to sign up. By this time, it was past the preferred deadline but not too late. At this time I had kind of decided that I might like to go into marketing. There really isn’t a specific reason for that it just kind of came to me and it kind of stuck. I just wanted to move on with my life and so I had to pick something in order to apply. I applied with low hopes of getting in but, several weeks later, I heard that I was accepted.

My friend and I planned on being roommates but we decided we didn’t want to stay on campus due to the high costs. She was looking for apartments until we heard that you had to be out of high school for two years in order to qualify to live off campus. I was upset. The main reason I wanted to do this whole leaving for college thing was because I wanted the experience and to move on with life but now that we were forced to live on campus, my friend was unwilling to stay there and choose to commute. I was just considering not going for another semester because I was thinking I couldn’t afford to live on campus and commuting would defeat the whole experience thing. Besides, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do for sure so I was just planning on not going at least for another semester.

On Halloween ISU had this orientation for new transfer students. I decided to attend with my friend for moral support and to see if they could convince me to change my mind. I went and signed up for my classes and everything thinking I would probably not be attending. That’s where last week’s blog kind of fits in. Signing up for classes is where I met the girl that I am subleasing from. After signing up for classes I went and talked to the housing people and they said I really couldn’t live off campus but it was then that I realized that, as of January, I’ll have technically been out of high school for two years because I graduated midterm. I tried to explain that to the lady there but I didn’t feel like she understood me so, after I got home, I called and they said that I would be able to live off campus. I was really excited!

Here is where we start getting into the misadventures and closer to the present. I was supposed to move in to my new apartment on the 13th of December but there was a mix up with the previous owner’s work and so they weren’t able to move out for another week. I know that doesn’t seem like a big deal but I was so ready to move.

I moved in on a Friday night and had no idea where to park. There were two options. The first option was an ISU parking lot. This lot had specified hours that anyone could park without a pass. Those hours were weekends and from 6pm to 4am on week days. The other option was the apartment parking lot that had signs that said, parking pass required at all times. I parked in the ISU parking lot because I knew it was safe over the weekend and I figured that since school was on break, they wouldn’t be writing tickets. Monday morning came and, before work, I decided to go and try to get my parking pass so I could park in the other lot (they were closed over the weekend). When I got out to my car, I saw a ticket on my windshield. I was surprised that they were ticketing over break. I actually wrote an appeal but I haven’t heard yet whether or not it’s been appealed. Anyway, I drove to the place to get my parking pass and they told me that I was at the wrong office but that they weren’t towing during break so I could have completely avoided the ticket after all. At this point I didn’t have time to run to the other office that day because I had to head to work so I decided to do that another day before work. The day that I decided to drive to their other office, they told me that they weren’t giving out parking passes until the week of the 5th. I wish they would have told me that at the other office!

Any way, it’s just been one thing after another. Like I couldn’t get my internet to work so I tried to call Comcast, the provider,  but they couldn’t help me because the modem wasn’t in my name. So I tried to visit their office, twice, but neither time they were open. I would have just called that office to ask when they were open but, of course, the listed number is just the corporate number. The first time was on the weekend and the second was an hour before they opened but I had to leave town in an hour to make it to work. Finally I made it there when they were open and it was a simple fix but with the holidays and my work schedule I was without internet for over a week.

Luckily, I think I’m all settled now so I should be all set. I started my new job on Monday and I like it a lot. I’m still with CVS just another store. It was really busy but there was a lot more help so it was way less stressful! The people were nice but the drive through broke while I was working at it… I don’t think it was my fault though.

Despite all of my troubles thus far, I think I’m really going to like it here!


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