Silent Symphony

Click here for the previous part of the Chronicles of Orange and Teal. The Chronicles is a conversation between two colors.
Speaking of drinking, what is your opinion on the subject?
Well, like I mentioned, I don’t do it. But, I guess I don’t think it’s wrong or anything unless you’re underage.
Other than it being illegal, what’s wrong with drinking underage?
Well, let’s start with the fact that it is illegal. I believe that we should follow the direction of authority as long as it’s not something that is against our beliefs.
Why do you think it’s important to obey authority?
(To be continued…) Back to the beginning.

I don’t know if I’ve ever talked about this before but I don’t get excited over many things. The reason for this is that I’ve been disappointed many times after getting my hopes up so I just don’t get my hopes up until it’s a sure thing. Usually, by the time it’s a sure thing, it’s already happening so there is no time to get excited about it. My mom likes to move a lot so we are always looking at new houses. As a kid I would get so excited about a house only to have my hopes dashed because it wasn’t right for us or our offer wasn’t accepted. I learned that getting my hopes up and having them dashed is a lot worse than just not getting my hopes up at all so that is who I’ve become. This being said, I am super pumped right now to be moving out. I think I’ve mentioned that I will be going to ISU in the spring. I will be moving out around December 20th and I just can’t wait. It feels strange though, to be so excited for something because I’m never excited. I know that was kind of random but my excitement is overflowing and there is nothing I would rather talk about more right now than moving out.

Since I’ve already blabbered on about random things, I’ll keep today’s song introduction shortish by just introducing you to one of my favorite songs at the moment which is Silent Symphony by Eleventyseven. Not many people would guess that I am actually a hopeless romantic because I don’t like romance novels and I also don’t like romantic movies. Personally, I think that media with romance as the main focus is extremely overrated. I also think it makes young girls have unrealistic expectations of how relationships should be but that’s an argument for another day. While I say that, I do have a soft spot for a clean love song and that is just what Silent Symphony is.


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