The Final Toast

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I’ve heard of the names before but know nothing about the religions, would you explain?

I always want to preface that I know practically nothing about other religions, in fact, comparatively, I know very little about Christianity but I will tell you what I know. Confucianism and Daoism* are tow Chinese religions. These two religions plus Buddhism are not found to contradict on another, and are, therefore, often practiced together. Daoism is centered around five main teachings, Dao**, wu wei, simplicity, gentleness, and relativity. Dao is the name for whatever mysterious reality makes nature to be what it is and to act the way it does. Dao is the way that nature expresses itself – the natural way. Human beings can unite themselves with the Dao in the way they live. Stern commandments would go against the nature of Daoism but it does offer recommendations about how to live. These recommendations come from the model of balance and harmony. The recommendation most often mentioned in the Daodejing*** (Daoism’s holy book) is wu wei. Wu wei is the ideal of effortlessness, literally meaning “no action” but is better translated as “no strain” or effortlessness. Daoism has often urged its followers to eliminate whatever is unnecessary and artificial and to appreciate the simple and the apparently ordinary, including education. Daoists pursue the gentle way and hate weapons and war. Finally, Daoists believe that it is necessary to attain a vision of things that goes beyond apparent opposites: I-you, good-bad, expensive-cheap, valuable-worthless…****
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*A.K.A. Taoism
**A.K.A. Tao
***A.K.A. Tao Te Ching
****Most of this paragraph was taken nearly word for word from the 5th edition of Experiencing the World’s Religions: Tradition, Challenge, and Change by Michael Molloy

I had signed up for a summer class. It started yesterday. Sadly, on Friday, the professor that was supposed to teach the class, Edward Abplanalp, passed away unexpectedly on Friday while visiting family in California. He was a philosophy professor at ICC. The class has been canceled. This would have been the third class I would have taken with him. I loved his classes and the way he taught them. I guess I owe him the credit of this post and the fact that I am even interested in philosophy at all. He will be missed. I am not sure about his stance on religion but I would like to dedicate today’s song to him. Don’t miss the bit at the very end of the song. The Final Toast by Hawk Nelson.

For the record, I would like this song played at my funeral. A bit morbid to be thinking about my funeral? Naah, don’t you ever just think about what you would like your funeral to be like? For me, it would be awesome if I could have one of my favorite bands play at my funeral because my death should not be a sad event. I am forever in free of suffering and in Heaven with my savior. I challenge you to think about what you would like your funeral to be like. On that happy note, have a happy week.


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