Does Your Hair Go Up?

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Ok, I see how our arguments differ, and I guess that doesn’t disprove your theory but I just still can’t believe in God. I just think that believing in God is way too different from believing in the wind.
I completely agree with you.
Didn’t you just say that believing in God is extremely similar to believing in the wind?

Yes I did.
And then, after that you say that believing in God and the wind are completely different things?
I did say that.
And you don’t see any problems with that?
Continued here. Back to the beginning.

I’ll admit it; I’ve just become a mythical beast (A.K.A a fan of Good Mythical Mornings). I love Rhett and Link and their music videos. So, today, rather than introduce you to a Christian song, I would like to share with you one of my favorite Rhett and Link music videos. This is a very hard thing for me to do because every single music video that I’ve watched of theirs is amazing. I guess this one would have to be my favorite… maybe… Lately I’ve become hooked on youtube. I’ve subscribed to several channels like Rhett & Link, Say Goodnight Kevin, Blimey Cow, Bored Shorts TV, and TheFineBros to name some. I waste so much time and I guess that is a bad thing but they make me happy and that is a good thing; are they good for me or bad? I’m going with good :p

Lets continue this confession train. I learned how to use a semicolon (;) and I can’t stop using them. I have a crush on someone and they don’t know it and it’s driving me crazy. I might get my first college B 😦 Warm cookies and ice-cream taste excellent together (I’m eating some now). I am a Facebook stalker (who isn’t). I’m making new friends and getting acquainted with an old one. Birds scare me and I consider myself a strange person. Does that quell your curiosity?


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