Teach Me To Kneel

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Not quite.

What do you mean not quite. You said that the only people that don’t physically feel God are those who have convinced themselves that he doesn’t exist.

My friend, you have just committed what is called the straw man fallacy. While what you just said sounds similar to the argument I made, it doesn’t quite carry the same meaning, you distorted my argument. Let me use some propositional logic (a form of symbolic logic) to better illustrate the differences in our arguments. Lets use B to represent believing in God and P to represent physically feeling him. I’ll use a tilde (~) to negate each letter. Therefore, ~B stands for not believing in God and ~P stands for not physically feeling Him. What you are telling me is If ~P then ~B. In plain english, if one can’t physically feel God then he/she does not believe in God. You are also saying that If B then P or if one believes in God then he/she will physically feel God but what I’m actually arguing is the exact opposite. I’m saying If P then B; if one physically feels God, then he/she believes in God. I’m also saying If ~B then P or if one doesn’t believe in God then he/she is not going to physically feel God. You: If ~P then ~B and If B then P. Me: If ~B then ~P and If P then B.
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For today’s song, I feel compelled to share Reach That Far by Eleventyseven. Because it is a slower song, I only listened to this song like once but this week, every time (or nearly every time) I get in my car and turn my iPod  on shuffle, this song appears sometime during my drive. Maybe someone is trying to tell me something.

I think that everyone has those days when their faith can’t reach that far. I like what this song is saying; “So teach me how to kneel when I don’t know how to feel.” Sometimes, even when we don’t know how to feel, we just need to be obedient and submit ourselves to God. Some days I don’t feel like reading my Bible but I do it out of obedience. I’ve actually come to enjoy my daily readings (that is until I reached Chronicles. I wish they could show me a picture because, without one, I am so lost.). Another good example of things people do out of obedience is tithing. If you are like almost anyone in the world, seeing that 10% written out on a check or in cash, it is hard to give it up but doing it obediently for many years now, it no longer bothers me because I’ve seen how much God blesses me and my family when I am obedient.

My family could use some prayers this week. First of all for my grandparents. My grandpa is home but my grandma is concerned how she is going to be able to care for him. Prayers for them would be much appreciated! My second prayer request is for our new dog. I don’t recall every writing anything about him in a previous post. His name is Sparky and we got him from Foster Pet Outreach a few months ago and he is scared of everything. He really hasn’t gotten any better. If he doesn’t start to calm down, I’m afraid we might have to give him back. He is very high strung and can’t be left home alone. I can only imagine that giving him back would cause him even more trauma so, for his sake, and ours, prayers for him would also be greatly appreciated!

About today’s Chronicles: Presently, I am in a logic class so that is where todays information comes from. I absolutely love logic as well as all the other philosophies. After taking ethics this summer, I’ll have taken all the philosophy classes ICC has to offer other than business ethics. Philosophy really gets you thinking critically and that is what I love about it! The inverted color spectrum theory (is it a theory?) is my favorite “theory” I’ve learned thus far. What if we’ve all learned that the sky’s color is called blue but you see what I would call green and I see what you would call purple. In reality, we will never be able to know if the blue that everyone else sees is the same blue we see. Two other interesting yet cliche philosophical questions are, “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” and “Which came first, the chicken or the egg.” Regarding those two questions, what do you think the answers are? Just started liking these guys. This is an awesome song about philosophy.

(I know this became a very long post, I apologize. 1 final thing, I set my Facebook up to allow followers. Following me allows you to get notified via Facebook about my weekly blog posts as well as see all my bitstrips. Other than that, I am not completely sure how this following thing works 🙂 )


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