My Misadventures: Overheard Conversations

I have a very short, sad story to tell you.Let me start by telling you that I have overheard many strange conversations on my way from the parking lot at ICC to campus. Other than my sad story, let me give you an example. Maybe about a week ago, or the beginning of this week, I’m not sure, I was walking towards campus. This guy approaches another guy behind me. I could tell that they were complete strangers. The guy that did the approaching said, “Would you like this apple that may or may not be poisoned with arsenic.” Don’t quote me on that but I think that was pretty close to his actual phrasing. I’m not sure if the other guy said anything or not but the approacher then said, after a pause, something like this, “It may kill you, or it could just knock you out… or it may do nothing at all.” I recall that the approachee say, “I’m okay.” A girl that I was walking next to just looked at me and we laughed.

If you don’t want to read my next example and want to skip to the sad story, jump down to the next paragraph. Another time, I was walking from campus to my car when a guy sitting in the “smoker section” or whatever you wanna call it says to me something like this, “That bag looks pretty heavy, do you need some help with that?” You may think that was a kind gesture, but let me give you some other essential information. First of all, I have a rolling book bag, and if any of you know anything about science or life, you will know that a heavy object is easier to move on wheels. I stress, we both knew it wasn’t heavy. Plus, I knew he wasn’t serious because he made no attempt to get off his lazy butt and help me. I thought the whole incident was strange but funny in some deranged way.

Finally, my sad story. This was another conversation I over heard between two girls that obviously went to high school together. There was a blond and a brunet, so that is how I shall refer to them. They were both discussing what they were like when they were drunk. The conversation quickly turned to how they acted like when they were high. Just so you know, Blond is a very depressing drunk and very mellow when high even though her personality, as stated by Brunet is, “always bubbley” (Wow how do you spell that? Is it bubblie?)  Well they go on talking about strange things for a while. The conversation switches to how much trouble they got into in high school and such. You might be saying, “why is this so sad to you? I hear this kind of stuff every day!” Well, to answer your question, Blond says, “what does such-and-such teacher look like.” Brunet says, “I don’t know, long, dark, straight, black hair.” Blond, “Oh my gosh, she goes to my church!” Goes to my church… to my CHURCH… These are the kinds of people who give Christians a bad name… but they are only one extreme… You don’t even want to get me started on the other end of the spectrum….. We will save that discussion for a later date.


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