The College Difference

Alright, I went into college blind. So here is my new college knowledge after only a week there. For all my readers that haven’t been to college, here are some things that are a bit different about college (at least from my high school to ICC).

  • People that are way out of your age range are in your classes
  • No pluses or minuses on grades
  • You’re not restricted to the cafeteria to eat your lunch
  • Your given a schedule of when homework is due and you have to remember to stick to it, possibly without your teachers reminding you of due dates
  • You must pay for your classes
  • Grading scales are 90-100% = A and so on
  • It’s just a myth that you can use your cell phone during class
  • Tests are called exams
  • If you miss too many days, you may fail the class
  • The first week of class is practically pointless
  • Online classes rule!
  • You can use a credit card to purchase lunch
  • You don’t have to have classes every day of the week
  • You have to walk much more
  • You have to take all your school stuff with you to the bathroom
  • No announcements or bells between classes
  • You get to do classes that you pick and enjoy
  • Although people walked slowly in the hallways of high school, this is a new kind of slow
  • Teachers expect you to teach yourself more
  • Most teachers aren’t too fond of you using your laptop during class
  • You don’t have to be there all day
  • You can leave campus for lunch, provided you have the time
  • Books are expensive
  • Your classes aren’t necessarily in right in a row
  • If you’re late for class and miss the test being handed out, some teachers may not give it to you
  • Some classes are at night
  • Sometimes you can have hour-long break
  • You can’t leave your books on the lunch table when you go to get your lunch (someone may steal them)
  • Yes, people actually want to steal your books now
  • Some days, you may only have one class
  • If you miss a day your not guaranteed to be able to make up tests or quizzes
  • Parking is crazy and campus is confusing!

These are just the things I could come up with that I’ve learned so far. I’m sure I’ve learned more. Hopefully you found this helpful or even funny 🙂


What do you think?

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