Greenie: My First Day

So I got up really early this morning to get ready for school. I guess it wasn’t that early only 6:00 but that’s earlier than normal for me. I got all ready, which consisted of getting dressed and straightening my hair, then had a nice breakfast of jelly toast (Toast with butter and natural grape jelly). I grabbed all my books and headed out the door. My stack of books was super heavy too because I had all four of my classes today.

When I pulled into the campus I was completely confused and I probably parked farther away than necessary. It was around 7:30 then and I had prime pickings. It was freezing this morning so I froze the whole way to the building. 

Business Calculus is my first class from 8-8:50. It is almost as far from the front entrance as you can get. I was there early so I updated my Facebook and such before class. First days are always super boring. You are introduced to the teacher then they spend the rest of the class talking at you about their rules and all that fun stuff. In math though, she had us reviewing some math in groups. My group was an older guy and this young girl who was older than me. They were struggling as I whizzed through it. I told them that I had just graduated on Friday and that if they needed any help I had just gone over this stuff.

Psychology was next and super close compared to my other classes. I walked in and saw an old friend from high school. Halfway through sophomore year she moved away so it was a pleasant surprise to see her there. I think I’ll like that class.

With my hour break, I figured out the lay of the building. I found out that the cafe was near my next class so I had a smoothie and worked on my online class. 

11-11:50 is composition. I love to write and all but my teacher seemed a bit boring. Hopefully she doesn’t have to talk a whole lot. She shouldn’t have to because it is a writing class. I really am not looking forward to rehashing the basics of writing for the millionth time in my life.

I was plagued with another hour break which I spent half of in the book store trying not to be trampled by the circus going on there, and the other half eating a ham, turkey, and cheddar sandwich on a croissant. I liked it 🙂

Last hour of the day is my favorite, Philosophy. I enjoy the teacher and the class. It is from 1-2:15. Some may not like the class because it questions God but it also supports Him. I’m excited to dive in. I found out that one of the famous Philosophers had a theory that I thought I made up. His name is Pascal and his theory is called Pascal’s Wager. Look it up if your interested. I’ll probably talk about it later.

After school, I went to Walmart and bought supplies like a $100 graphing calculator that is needed. Crazy! It was a great day but I am just plain exhausted!


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