College Kid

I can’t believe that I’m finally done with high school! It just seems so strange! I yesterday was my last day. Most people would probably have bitter-sweet feelings but mine are only sweet. I’m excited to get away from the bullying and into a more mature setting.

I start ICC on Monday. Thursday, I went to the new student orientation and my brain couldn’t hold the immense amount of information that they gave me. There are some things that I just find bizaar. Like having adults in my class and not being able to differentiate students from teachers. Or the fact that I can use my phone in class or eat anywhere. Sitting around the school on breaks doing whatever you want without having to report to someone. At high school, you could never just sit around the halls nor were you allowed to eat anywhere but the cafeteria. I just don’t know when these things are going to sink in. I just love the freedom. You really have to report to no one but yourself and I love that! I just can’t wait for my first day! Even though I know I’m going to be stressed and lost, I’m ready to start the next chapter of my life.

Everything about college makes me nervous. Knowing no one, being unaware of rules, not knowing where to go or how to get there, looking like a lost sheep, making new friends, eating lunch by myself, being late, parking, having a different class schedule every day, homework (how much and difficulty?), am I going to stay sane? I know that most of these fears will fade after the first day and I will laugh at myself, but sitting here waiting for the first day is very nerve-racking. Don’t misunderstand me though. I’m not going to cry or make myself sick, these fears are in the back of my mind and I will do lots to keep them there. I know that God will be by my side and with Him, I can do anything!


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