Love Letter to the ones who lost Someone Close

To those of you out there who have lost someone close to you in your life, please understand that someone out there is there for you. I have lost a dear friend in my life time, and have annual depression ever since 6th grade because of how close I was to him. I just want everyone the know that I am here for you and that no matter what people tell you, and no matter what is going through your mind, the person will always be in your memories and in your heart. I always think about the person, and every year on his birthday, I go and visit his grave to let him know that his memory will always live on in me. I have also have a memorial T-shirt to represent him, and that is a great tool for me because it keeps a piece of him with me at all times. I want people to know that they are not alone, and that no matter what happens in life, and how devastating the events are, the best thing that you is push forward and keep going so you can reach your goals.


6 Word Writing Memoirs

  1. Story of My Life
  • Small Town with Nothing to do
  • Breaking arms and struggling with school
  • not wanting to do anything ever
  • drinking and smoking at young age
  • loosing my best friend at 12
  • finding my love on phone ap
  • getting married and buying a house
  • wanting to become a children’s educator

2.  Fun Times

  • The joy of playing video games
  • going to Mexico at age 12
  • traveling the country to expand view
  • playing in the school marching band
  • getting married to my true love


I know that friendship is a huge theme in my blogs but I really think that it’s an interesting concept and it quite frequently occupies my thoughts. One reason that I think that it may occupy my thoughts a lot is because I am constantly worried about if I am being a good friend/if someone even wants me as a friend and I’ve come to realize that, sometimes, my worries are valid. I am often not a good friend and, in the past, I’ve tried to befriend people who want nothing to do with being good friends with me.  Continue reading